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Benefit 01

Best place for business expansion

Benefit 02

Meet solar cell/module manufactures from around the world
Exhibit profile: Device, Material, Evaluation, Testing, Analysis, Solar Cell, Module, Manufacturing Equipment, Clean, ESD Protection, etc. 
Visitor Profile: Solar Cell Module Manufacturer Dept. such as R&D, Production, Quality Control, PV System Integrators, House, Building, Factory, etc.

Best place for business expansion

Comments from Previous Exhibitors *Excerpt from Exhibitors' Questionnaire


Showcased: Hot Melt Dispenser, Silicon Filling Device

We exhibited devices and prepared 2 table sets for business meetings. As a result, around 50 business meetings were conducted during 3-day period and we made approximately JPY 20 million.


Showcased: Performance Measurement/Safety Evaluation Service

We attracted 300 professionals and around 10 business deals were closed at onsite business meetings with new customers such as material/module manufacturers. We are very satisfied with results and expecting JPY 5 million.


Showcased: Silicon Wafer/Ingot

On top of existing top solar cell/module manufacturers, we had many business meetings with new customers. We are still discussing details with 4 companies and expecting several hundreds of millions of yen to be made.


Showcased: EVA, Backsheet

Regardless of countries/regions, we conducted many business meetings with visitors. About 30 business plans were made through the show and we are expecting over JPY 100 million to be made in the future.

Solar cell/module manufacturers gather from around the world

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