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Special Features for ZEH

The following is the features of the previous (2018) show.

Special Features for ZEH

The interest in "ZEH (zero energy house)" is increasing in the market. We introduce ZEH related products.

Special seminars will be concurrently held. Visit with your colleagues and partners!

  • Product/Technology Highlight
  • Keynote Session
  • Technical Session

Product/Technology Highlight (excerpt)

Conference Sessions for Zero Energy House concurrently held!

PV-4New Business Development and New Applications of Photovoltaic Power Generation

・Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corp.
・Europe Solar Innovation Co., Ltd.

PV-5Future of the Rapidly Growing Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation Market: New Society with PV + Rechargeable Battery

・Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.
・The Association for Promotion of ZEH/Eco Works Co., Ltd.
・Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.

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